We specialize in looking like we are on a most awkward first date (this is from our engagement shoot).

Welcome! My name is Anastasia and I live with my husband Chris in a farmhouse we have been slowly fixing up ourselves. We had no experience and no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I’ve wanted to document all of our projects, mistakes and lessons since day one – but, a year in we still have 85% of our house left to do! Better late than never…

We were drawn to farm life after spending a few months in Santiago, Chile. Chris was working at a stem cell research laboratory and I was studying for a PhD in geology. After a few months of living there, I realized how poorly I fit into the Chilean culture – I couldn’t walk down the street without stares and catcalls (even when I was with Chris, we often heard ‘gringos!’), and the process of applying for a student visa was taking longer than I could stay there legally. Chris was having a hard time fitting in as well, and we both realized how much we tolerated, but really didn’t enjoy the city life (did you think I was going to say each other? I thought about it 🙂 ).

After moving back to the US, Chris became a high school teacher and I work from home doing javascript coding, and also now as a real estate agent. We decided to jump into a fixer upper project because we both like working with our hands and making things. We see our house as a big art project, and (for the most part) truly enjoy working on it!