The Trench

Our latest project has been a long one. The basement opens to the backyard in the back of our house, but is also a low spot where water collects, which destroys the siding and door frame (and eventually, the foundation) during freeze-thaw. We decided to dig out a trench and put in a french drain to redirect the water toward the vegetable garden.


Over the course of a few weekends, we dug it out while our dogs enjoyed running through and jumping in and out of the trench. We encountered a few large rocks in our dig, and had to snake around them.


Once it was dug out and graded, we lined it with lawn fabric and started to fill it in with gravel:

Cheeky the construction manager oversaw the progress:

FullSizeRender 11.jpg


Then we put the perforated pipe in, added more gravel and wrapped the lawn fabric over it like a burrito.img_0762

And finally, filling the top with more gravel:


Now we just need to clean up that mess before the snow covers it up!




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