The Chickens

We’ve finally completed the chicken coop, got 5 hens, one young rooster and have learned so much – I never imagined how many different types of chickens there are! We got 2 Leghorns, a Welsummer, 2 Black Sex Links and a Barred Rock rooster. Here is one of the Leghorns (white) and the Welsummer:IMG_2648.JPG

With more ambition than ability, we presumed we could build the coop out of trees and planks from our forest. Chris got about this far with that method:


In fact, the 2x4s for the top of the frame were purchased, so we had already given up at this point. After purchasing plywood and framing the walls, the chicken coop was quickly completed:


Our puppies take a little too much interest in the chickens (see guilty expression in above photo), so for now we have to enclose the chickens’ outdoor area. One was chased into the woods and attacked, but seems to be bouncing back from her injury (sans tail).

This is our high tech door latch:


And we plan to cover the outside with planks from our forest, to make it look slightly better.

Inside, Chris built them nesting areas out of our building scraps:


Added some sticks for them to roost on:


This little guy is our Barred Rock rooster, and the most friendly of them:


We keep their feed in metal trash cans to prevent mice from getting into it:


They fly in and out of their coop through the little door (note the puppy hiding in the cinderblock!):


So far, the chickens seem to enjoy their little world – we just need to put more energy into training the pups. If you’ve had experience training dogs to be nice to chickens, please share below!

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