The Puppies’ and Their Hut

Chris and I had long wanted to get puppies. He really wanted a hunting dog and I just thought they were really cute. We struggled with the price tag associated with adopting a puppy, and even more with buying one. We waited, and then one day there was an ad in the local paper for very affordable husky/lab mix puppies. We met the breeder in the K-mart parking lot and drove off with these two:



Just got husky lab pups! 😍🐶 #husky #lab #farm #farmhouse #puppies

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The boy has a white line on his head and is looking away from the camera – we named him Jumbo because he was quite a bit fatter than his sister, who we nicknamed Mumbo. It’s a reference to the movie ‘Willow’ – which, in the slim chance you have seen, is a Madmartigan quote:


Chris had to quickly build them an enclosure and house – we happened to get the puppies the same day we called the breeder, so it all happened in a day. We both wanted a cute looking fence, so he made that too. It comes apart so we can expand it in the future, and move it to different parts of the lawn. He used scraps from all the renovation demo we had done to build the house – all the blue painted wood is from old door frames.

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

They have been quickly growing, and although they have a lot of land to roam around and explore, they stay near our front door and tear up the flower beds and any shoes Chris happens to leave on the porch. But that is how puppies are – adorable destroyers!

Here they are now – at 12 weeks old:




2 thoughts on “The Puppies’ and Their Hut

    1. Thank you! Yes, they will be outdoor dogs for now, but when it gets cold we hope to move them indoors or set up some kind of heating and have them live with the chickens (depending on how they get along 🙂 )


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