Bedroom #1

For a couple of months we lived in the living room while we worked on re-doing the first bedroom. It reminded us of our time living in a small apartment in Santiago, except instead of the noise of city life outside it was birds singing every morning. And instead of black dust from city pollution coating every surface in our living space, it was white construction dust.

Here is what our bedroom looked like:


We took out the carpeting, baseboard heating and closet and made the doorway much wider to accommodate a sliding barn door, which created a much more light and airy space for the staircase landing.  We added recessed lighting and removed a switch which after extensive testing we determined did absolutely nothing.

After tearing out the carpet, we were surprised what an echo the room had. Laying down ‘insulayment’ under the wood floor helped dampen the sound. Usually, when we start a project we get everything we think we’ll need from the hardware store, and then end up taking another 3-4 trips during the project because we never anticipate what we will need.

We chose a Brazilian walnut floor because of it’s gorgeous natural color, so even as it wears it will retain that (the fact that it was on sale helped too).  As Chris started to nail it, the thin and brittle tongues cracked, and we took another trip to the hardware store for thinner nails.

Don’t do this without a nail gun

After a few days’ work, the floor was almost complete:

The taped up box under the skylight is our heating/ac unit, protected from construction dust

One thing we didn’t think through all the way (the common theme through our renovation) is the clearance required above the track on a barn door. Our ceilings on the second floor are only 7′, so it was important to choose the absolute smallest wheel for the door – otherwise the frame would simply be too low. Chris made the door from white cedar:

I decided to repaint the walls white, and paint the window frames a deep ‘espresso’ brown. Here is our room today, still needing built ins and a closet – with very ‘minimalist’ decor and the ‘temporary’ bed frame we made out of 2″x4″s:


The components:

Brazilian walnut floor –

Barn door track and wheels –  (the first track arrived bent and the paint has come off the wheels, but their customer service has been nice and they’ve always sent a replacement)

White cedar for door – Home Depot

Paint for walls and ceiling –Interior Ceiling Paint in Ultra Pure White by Behr

Paint for window – Espresso (in satin) by Behr Marquee

7 thoughts on “Bedroom #1

      1. As a fellow country dweller, I like to know what draws people to this lifestyle. I think you’re new DIYers? I’d love to know what inspired you to take on a fixer upper, how you build confidence and keep going through projects. Plus maybe a bit about you guys personally. That’s the part I don’t feel I do as good of a job at sharing. It can be hard to find that balance though between maintaining your privacy and living your life on the internet.


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