The Bathroom




After finishing the kitchen, we felt overly confident in our abilities and went a little crazy demolishing. The house had two full baths, one was between the kitchen and dining room (weird) and the other was right above it, on the second floor between two bedrooms (in case you didn’t want to shower between the kitchen and dining room).

We started with the second floor bathroom since we planned to convert the other to a powder room. Unfortunately, we only took photos after some demo, but I think you can tell it was an outdated design:


The toilet was near the door and the vanity was by the window, we decided to switch the two because we didn’t want the inconvenience of having a door right by the toilet. We tore out the linoleum and found that some of the subfloor had rotted by the leaky shower. So we replaced that, got the plumbing sorted and put backer board on the walls where I planned to tile:



Afterwards, we tiled the floor with some limestone tile:



We initially thought the ceiling didn’t need replacement, but after removing the old fan we found that it wasn’t vented outside, and had caused a lot of mold to grow in the  attic insulation. So we took the ceiling down and replaced the vent, vented it outdoors and re-dry walled the ceiling. Every project has its complications…

Then, after 4 failed attempts and multiple nervous breakdowns, I was able to tile 3 walls with the herringbone pattern I fell in love with:




Then we pulled a 300 lb cast iron tub up the stairs using a ratchet with the cable hooked into the faucet hole of the tub. We got it to the tipping point of the top of the stairs before the hook bent and it went flying back down the steps. Luckily, nothing was damaged and we started all over again, only to reach the tipping point again and realizing how much more stable the centrally located drain hole is to hook, feeling quite stupid and happy that we got the tub to the second floor.


I re-painted the old vanity and added some antique knobs I found on etsy. We framed the mirror with some of the old door frame. Here is the bathroom today:

And it’s components:


Limestone floor tile @ Build Direct

Subway wall tile @ Home Depot

Kohler vanity top @ Faucet Direct

Faucet @

Claw foot tub @

Vanity knobs @


Let me know in the comments what you think about the transformation!

4 thoughts on “The Bathroom

  1. Okay. DIYing that herringbone tile on two walls… crazy. But amazing. Good for you. Hauling the tub up the stairs… only to have it go flying down again… crazy. But I’ve been there. Good for you again.

    I love the finished result. The black (dark grey) and white is a beautiful mix.


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